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стоимость строительства мини нефтеперерабатывающего завода, строительная компания,  проектирование, НПЗ в России, Украине, Европе

oil refineries

Refineries (refinery ) – design and construction 2014


          Building refineries in Russia                   Construction of a refinery in Kazakhstan

We offer fast, high-quality engineering of projects and installation mini refinery . For 15 years we have earned a great reputation not only in Ukraine but also in Europe , have become a leader in the industry. Urgency mini refinery is that today oil and gas used by millions of people, not only in everyday life – but also powerful industrial plants ( engineering , aircraft construction ) . At our disposal is the largest machine-building factory «Ukreneftemash EPC» LLC, where highly experienced workers more than a dozen years in the industry , and the latest technology and equipment with high accuracy and speed to perform  projects any difficulty .

Company LLC ” TransStroyKapital
were sold a large number of industrial facilities  refinery, and currently works on  design  and construction of a number of plants for technology companies in different parts of the world . Over the past 15 years in collaboration with scientists from Russia and Eastern Europe in the territories known scientific laboratories was a long preparation to industrial implementation of the following technologies :

  • low temperature cracking heavy residues initiated productions refining , heavy sulfur oil , waste motor oil , the process of ” FOC (MK)”.
  • process ” Zeosin ” production of high- octane gasoline from natural gas , together with design and technological center ” Zeosit ” , Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences . Simultaneously created gasification technology industrial wastewater major cities and biological wastes and their subsequent processing to produce high-octane gasoline .
  • The ” Zeoforming ” getting of refinery high-octane gasoline from straight-run gasoline , together with design and technological center ” Zeosit ” , Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences .

Mini Refinery - service design and construction

 project REFINERY -1  mini refinery project -2

Company design and organization of construction – engineering small refinery – ” TransStroyKapital ” , has a staff of professional designers and engineers with thirty years of experience , which perform project just in time. The latest computer programs can not only create first safe design objects , such as a mini refinery but also save on unnecessary costs of raw materials – that is not unimportant . We regularly update the software and manufacturing equipment to provide high quality and speed refinery project .

refinery and their benefits

external view REFINERY  another kind refinery

hour production quickly and in time to complete your project , and delivery from our partners permanent metal , high quality , allows you to secure and ensure long-term , stable operation of your future refinery . Repair service and replacement of worn-out materials will be performed at a high level and in the shortest time . We also offer a very flexible system of discounts and individual approach to each customer .

in the Design Department was created specialized research team , consisting of experienced design engineers and engineers linear ( production ) units of different specialties. The main task of the analytical group is the joint development of technical solutions for the further implementation of the projects , construction and installation works refinery .

This strategy has led to a qualitative improvement project product , and allows our customers optimum solutions for refinery of the plant, allowing them to make rational use of financial resources in the implementation of investment projects refinery .

Our team of experienced architects , engineers, designers and engineers provides a high level of design and is able to meet customer needs in accordance with current regulations and standards for refinery

refineries and their quality – BASIS confidence in the company , the guarantee of stability . DEVELOPMENT refinery

 REFINERY construction  Release refinery

main indicator of the quality of LLC ” TransStroyKapital ” is customer satisfaction which today produce huge quantities of oil through our refineries . Consumer opinion about our ability to fully meet their needs for products and services is a decisive factor for the formation of the organization ‘s image as a reliable partner and, accordingly, our success in the market .

Accordingly, when designing refinery We have an obligation to provide :

  1. high quality project design and services appropriate to the present and future demands of consumers ;
  2. confidence of customers , consumers and subcontractors in the efficiency of interaction with us in designing refinery ;
  3. creation and maintenance of internal environment in which the employees of the company can be fully involved in achieving the organization’s objectives and quality management process ;
  4. stable growth businesses , expanding its capabilities for competitive advantage in the domestic and international markets for the construction of refineries;
  5. optimizing costs and resources in the strict implementation of specified requirements for quality refinery .
Delivery mini refinery on the prepared area .

 Delivery mini refinery

Delivery is any way you like , the important factor is that our refineries collapsible , it can deliver the design to the construction site , in many ways .

refinery CONSTRUCTION and to fulfill :
  • systematic analysis of customer needs and expectations , timely adoption of measures to ensure readiness to meet them ;
  • building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with suppliers ( subcontractors );
  • establishing personal responsibility and leaders at all levels of employees for the quality of the work performed by the organization refinery ;
  • widespread introduction of new information technologies that support the creation of quality level design work and services ;
  • coordination and coherence design development with government oversight ;
  • matched design products the current technical regulations, standards , codes , and standards and regulations SRO ;
  • constant improvement of quality management system construction mini refinery .

Professionalism, competence, responsibility – QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES DESIGN refinery

Company Management assumes full responsibility for the implementation of the quality policy and its understanding and support of the priorities of quality every employee of the enterprise
exercise the functions of general designer . Perform pre elaborations , technical and techno- commercial proposals . Declaration of Intent , investment rationale , projects , working projects and working documentation for both new installations and technological type plants refinery and for reconstruction , taking into account available at the Customer equipment at refining and gas condensate any capacity , including :

  • primary refining catalytic reforming of gasoline, mild hydrocracking, hydrocracking, fuel hydrotreatment, visbreaking, isomerization, MTBE, TAME, oligomerization .
  • Design transshipment tank farms ( rail, sea and river ) handler oil , oil and liquefied gases < / li>
  • Designing of tank farms oil, petroleum products and liquefied gases ;
  • Designing flares ;
    • Design of pumping stations ;
    • Designing air and hydrogen compressor , compressor inert gases ;
    • Designing rail and road overpasses draining / filling of oil and petroleum products;
    • Designing utilities ;
    • Design of electric power networks and communications ;
    • Construction equipment ( reactors , distillation columns , absorbers , adsorbers , separator , container , etc. );
    • basic engineering process plants refinery ;
    • Development of specifications to contracts ;
    • development process procedures for production refinery ;
    • Development declaration of industrial safety ;
    • Development of individual projects
    • APCS technological installations ;
    • Project Management and oversee the project ;
    • Construction supervision refinery and to commissioning works .

Today company “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC – is a modern dynamically developing enterprise of multi-gas industry. We carry on the design and construction of oil refineries distinct by high manufacturability and efficiency.

International Investment and Industrial Company “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC was established in 2006 to promote modern environmentally-advanced high technologies for hydrocarbon and petrochemical waste processing. Today the company employs over 50 people. The company is headquartered in Almaty, with offices registered in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzstan.

“TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC implemented a large number of industrial projects, and currently is working on the planning and construction of a number of plants for company technology in different parts of the world. For the past 15 years in collaboration with scientists from Russia and Eastern Europe on the base of known scientific laboratories a long preparation for commercial implementation of the following technologies was performed: ? Oil processing, high-sulfur oil, used motor oil plants heavy residues low temperature initiated cracking, “Fuel Oil Cracking (MK)” process, “Zeosin” process – production of high-octane gasoline from natural gas, together with the design and technology center “Zeosit”, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Simultaneously the gas infrastructure development of the cities industrial waste and biological wastes with their subsequent processing for high-octane gasoline production was performed. “Zeoforming” production of high-octane gasoline of the gasoline, together with design and technology center “Zeosit”, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

«Ukreneftemash EPC» LLC. machinery enterprise is include into the company structure. It disposes more than 6300m2 of production areas, which are located in Kharkov cite, Ukraine. For more detailed information on the Ukrneftemash enterprise, please refer to – ukrneftemash. com .

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