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Automated process control system (PCS) is designed for operational process control, as well as to develop and implement control actions on the technological object in accordance with the control criteria.

System allows the following:

  • achieve a desired performance for a specified quality and optimum heat and electricity consumption, in compliance with safety measures;
  • eliminate operator errors;
  • prevent emergencies;
  • obtain quality petroleum products;
  • implement process parameters maintaining within the specified limits;
  • implement automatic metering of crude and products;
  • continuous monitoring of technological process during the production cycle for subsequent analysis.

We carry out the following approach to control system construction:

  • simplicity and reliability of the process control system at all levels;
  • ergonomics of human-machine interface organization;
  • structured approach to process visualization;
  • modular organization of APCS allowing to extend the control system;
  • other management systems integration ensuring through the use of open standard communication protocols;
  • serviceability of APCS;
  • APCS hardware condition monitoring and diagnostics;
  • spatial distribution of hardware with optimized hardware relative to the object management .

The developed control system will provide:

  • continuous monitoring of process parameters;
  • management of technological mode to maintain regulated values;
  • registration of actuation and operational control of the technology state;
  • continuous monitoring of ambient air within the facility;
  • on-going analysis of the process parameters changes in the direction of the critical values and prediction of possible failure;
  • controls and ESD action, discontinuing development of a dangerous situation ;
  • emergency localization means action, selection and implementation of optimal control actions;
  • accident-free start, shut-down operations performance and technological modes switch;
  • communication of information on the safety condition at the facility in the form of audible alarm.

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