ТрансСтройКапитал Адрес: ПР. МОСКОВСКИЙ, 144, оф.202, ХАРЬКОВ, УКРАИНА. Телефон: +38 (057) 700 49 74. .

Project work


The main activity of “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC is the design of various oil and gas facilities. All employees of the company technical department are extra professionals in the industry, with extensive experience in not only the design work, but also further objects configuration and operation. Accumulated empirical knowledge and professional experience in conjunction with an extensive theoretical and technical bases “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC employees allow us to find optimal solutions to maintain a high quality standard and fully meet our customers high requirements. Design is held with the most modern technologies, we use the latest design and technical solutions.

By the application of CAD systems the “TransStroyKapital EPC” company provides fast technical projects fulfilment and required operating documentation, while maintaining a high quality of conducted operations. Technical department of “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC capable to carry out the required amount of design works in oil and gas industry of any complexity, and in high quality.

“TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC projects :

  • oil and gas processing enterprises;
  • tank farms and refineries (warehouses, loading stations, fuel stations, on-shore pumping stations, unloading and loading bridges, flare systems, compressor stations, pump platforms, piping, etc.);
  • oil transfer pumping stations, acceptance transfer units;
  • oil and oil products transshipment terminals ;
  • main oil and gas pipelines;
  • petrol and gas stations (petrol stations);
  • launching and receiving treatment devices on pipelines ;
  • pumping and distribution stations;
  • tanks (vertical, horizontal, drainage, etc.) and storage tanks at tank farms , refineries, linear objects;
  • auxiliary power at compressor stations, etc.;
  • power supply;
  • engineering networks;
  • automation;
  • accommodation camps (residential buildings, canteens, hotels, sports facilities).

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