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Commissioning works by the nature and purpose are the continuation of construction works and are the final process prior to start up. At this stage “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC company performs the full range of activities related to the start-up and commissioning of installed equipment. Specialists of “TransStroyKapital EPC” are able to perform for you all the necessary set of works during the equipment preparation, testing and comprehensive inspection, where the concept of “equipment” covers the entire object process flow chart.

For the installed equipment start-up the following devices and systems are to be commissioned:

  • electrical devices;
  • automated control systems;
  • power equipment;
  • refining process equipment.

Pre-commissioning ensures subsequent uninterrupted object operation.

Commissioning work is performed in accordance with the requirements of working documents, standards and specifications for separate mechanisms, assemblies, devices to prepare equipment for operation and customer acceptance.

Composition commissioning work meets the specifications of the manufacturer. Commissioning works carried out by highly experienced engineering and technical personnel, LLC “TransStroyKapital EPC”.

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