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Construction work

One of the key activities of the “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC. company includes construction. Construction of the facility includes a range of activities to ensure all architectural, technological and design solutions provided by the project. This is one of the most complex components of the project, which can be entrusted only to exceptional professionals with great experience. Employees of ‘TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC. are able to perform for you the whole range of construction works in the full scope, promptly and efficiently.

The construction phase of the object is a necessary condition for pre-commissioning and commissioning. We understand that the time factor for the investor directly related to the amount of profit.

Construction services of the “TransStroyKapital EPC” LLC. includes the following:

  • engineering-geodesic surveying services, which are held as immediately before and during the construction process;
  • acting as a general contractor;
  • civil works, including earthworks;
  • reinforced concrete foundations;
  • metal constructions;
  • buildings and structures;
  • improvement of access roads, areas for storage of materials and equipment, car roads provided by the project;
  • landscaping;
  • assembling and strength and integrity testing of the process equipment and piping;
  • installation of power equipment;
  • installation of instrumentation;
  • installation of fire fighting equipment;
  • installation of domestic water supply and sewerage system.

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